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As far as wildlife is concerned, this was by far the coolest area we visited this season. Like most of the areas we filmed this season, we had not heard of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge until stumbling across it while doing some research.

I wanted to go somewhere that Todd could see Alligators in the wild...sort of as a treat for him. Alligators, snakes and turtles have always been his biggest passions. It seemed that this refuge would offer us a very diverse range of wildlife to film, including snakes, turtles and GATORS!

Should I remind him that he has a zoom lens?

He really had no idea what he was in for. I did all the planning. I sent him a link, but I am pretty sure he didn't even look at it. I guess it's good that he trusts me enough to plan all of our adventures! I think we were almost there when I told him they had alligators. I became an instant hero.

Since Todd owed me one, I suggested he stand by this sign for a while. Just so I could get a good laugh.

We stayed in Tivoli the first night in a motel. We arrived at the refuge about 5:30 am, which should give you some indication of how excited we were. We waiting for daylight and the gate to open, and you guessed it...we were first in line. Wait a minute...there were no lines! We went in early May, which really was the perfect time to visit. The refuge was quiet, the weather was beautiful, (not too hot!) so the creatures were active.

Including the mosquitoes!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to find back up accommodations for the next 3 nights. Thankfully, we found a place to take us in...The Sanddollar in Fulton, which was right on the water. Sometimes good things happen when bad things happen!

The view from the window......

We explored pretty much every last accessible foot of the refuge. I took thousands of photos. Thing is, when we were done, we wanted to do it again! We know there are things we didn't see. We would love to return to see what else we can find! Who wants to join us for a roadtrip? :)

We love Texas!!

Terri and Todd